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Model HL-40: Safety Hinge Lock

Safety Equipment Specifications

  • 7" Diameter
  • 7½" Wide
  • 6" Long
  • Rubber Grip Belting
  • T-Handle
  • 7 Feet of High Strength 5/16" GR-70 Chain per Hinge Lock
  • Chain Locking Slot
  • 40,000 lb Capacity

The HL-40 should never be used with any load in the box. This is not a concern for the hinge locks, but for damage to the box hinge or truck frame. Emerson Wedge Locks are all *CERTIFIED AND TESTED*

40,000 lb Capacity Safety Hinge Locks   (Pair)

Pricing subject to change without prior notice

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Model HL-40: Safety Hinge Lock - 1 Photo
Model HL-40: Safety Hinge Lock - 2 Photo

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